Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Latest Freelance Consulting Work

I have begun doing freelance consulting work for the following three organizations: BestFriend NY, CardPartner, and Il Mio Vino.

BestFriend NY, Inc.
A website about living the New York Dream. Targeted mainly to "settlers" of NYC but also useful for those residents who may not know as much as they think they do! Articles, videos, and more.

I am working with BFNY President and CEO Douglas Davis and techie/entrepreneur Simone Tarantino to see that the new website design--yet to be released--is beautiful and functional and that the content is relevant.

An affinity credit card program for smaller non-profits. Until CardPartner came along, affinity credit card programs have been off-limits to all but the biggest players. Through CardPartner any organization can design five credit cards with their own logos/images and offer the card (it's a Visa Platinum, with plenty of additional perqs exclusive to the CardPartner program) to its supporters. Each activated card brings in $50 to the organization compliments of the bank known as UMB (a very secure bank in these trouble times), plus a continuing percentage of retail purchases. It's a fun, easy, FREE way for smaller, member-supported organizations to raise extra funds. Plus CardPartner makes it simple to market the card using their online marketing toolkit (just enter into the sign-in field for a test drive).

I am creating a robust social networking presence for the company.

Il Mio Vino
An online magazine for wine lovers! It looks and acts exactly like an offline magazine. You turn pages, you can't highlight text, and so on. The site works beautifully and looks it too.

I will likely be helping them with their viral marketing campaign soon.