Saturday, January 3, 2009

Five Online Supplementary Funding Resources for Nonprofits - GoodSearch

Today I am releasing
a five-part series on supplementary funding resources for nonprofits. I can't think of a single reason why that would be a good idea.


Yeah, I dunno, I just thought this would be a fun way to pass the time. Not that there's any urgency to the matter.

Bernie Madoff

It's like this. Nonprofits need help now, and they need to start getting creative. If you work for a nonprofit, why not start here and now?

This series will focus on online services that help nonprofits raise money, free of charge. All of them are easy to implement, but they vary as to the amount of funds they can raise. Some methods will make your organization a few bucks for a packet of printer paper; others can raise you thousands. In view of this blog's theme of social media, I chose only the services that use some form of the Social Web to raise money.

On the docket for review are GoodSearch, CardPartner, cMarket, eBay Giving Works, Google for Nonprofits, and Stay tuned all day (you can subscribe to my feed at the upper-right corner of this blog) as I review the five services one at a time. First up:

1. GoodSearch

Tell your supporters to use GoodSearch as their default search engine. GoodSearch is powered by the Yahoo search engine (which is almost identical to Google Search). Users simply go to, select the name of any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit from a drop-down menu, and then search the Web as normal. A penny is donated to the selected cause each time a search is completed. The resultant rewards come from a cut of the advertising dollars.

Not sure if your school or nonprofit is on GoodSearch? If you are a registered 501(c)(3), then you are in the database. Accidental ommissions do happen, however, so check the list to make sure. If you see a glaring omission of your organization, you can apply for approval using a simple form.

How effective can you expect GoodSearch to be? As effective as your promotional efforts. Hundreds of millions of searches are performed each day; you can take at least a few thousand of those and use the funds to buy office supplies. To promote the use of GoodSearch, use these promotions suggestions. There is also a free GoodSearch toolbar available, which your supporters can dowload for free and use it to "search and support" without having to go to the (slightly unattractive) GoodSearch homepage.

2. Tune in later today! Drop a line if you're following the series, and please feel free to opine or ask questions as we go along.