Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Top 13 Submissions from the World's First Twictionary Build

Last night a few of us spontaneously got together on Twitter and started spouting off new Twitter terms. Someone retweeted and suddenly our cozy little game of words turned into one helluva twitstorm. I struggled to log it all by retweet, and I think I caught every last submission.

Most of them were brilliant. Some were hilarious. Some were touching. Some Twitterers were especially prolific, while other simply strolled in all cool and dropped a gem into our laps before strolling back out.

I am just about out of my gourd at the amount of linguistic talent we've got out here in Twitterland. Some of you people make me sick with pride.

The following are my 13 favorite Twitter words out of the 100-or-so we invented. (Why 13? I don't know, pumpkin, go ask your mother.) Each tword is accompanied by its definition and the Twitterer who submitted it. I selected these 13 for their wit, depth, complexity, humor, brassiness, appropriateness, obscurity, acoustic texture, cuteness or because I was the one who thought of it. Heh, heh. It's MY blog. MY blog. Mine. Nice blog... Oh and I also modified some of the submissions for the sake of fascist conformism.

The full list will follow with a juicy report today or tomorrow. You hear? Juicy. Don't even question it. Stay tuned, and remember: social media is all about taking the time and the consideration to think about the flesh-and-blood being on the other side of the string. SO DITCH YOUR AUTO-RESPONDERS ALREADY, for crying out loud murghle muff mf...break something...mrff mrf

13. TwitloadWhat someone with thousands of tweets must sift through

12. Tweener
Non-committal to any one side in a Twitter dialog

11. Twinge
What I get every time I scoop @guykawasaki on a news item

10. Twingle
What a particularly touching or suggestive tweet'll make you

9. Twance
An inability to take one’s eyes off Twitter
@AlanEggleston & @ElmerFudd

8. Twitic
Armchair or deskchair critic of all things Twitter and Web 2.0

7. Twaitress
Female waiting on the Fail Whale

6. Twax
To write more than 140 characters

5. Tward
Pronounced "toward"; the “@” symbol when used on Twitter
@perri_watson & @willconley777

4. Twixicon
Twitter lexicon

3. Twildren
The children of people who met on Twitter
@cara19 and @willconley777

2. Tweetcred
What many here don't have and might never

1. Twham!
A tweet from Emeril Legasse