Friday, February 25, 2011

Trainhopping Scumfuckers

To be or not to be:
That is a technicality.
Whether 'tis better to weather
The slings and arrows
Of a thousand sorrys and
You're unqualifieds
Or say
Screw this
And vacate this whore house
For greener pastures.
To board a freight train
No ticket
No destination in mind
Just away
And away
And forever and always along
Down the tracks
Of whatever and whenever
Eight men
In steel-smelling; rust-smelling
Chambers in wheels
Chicago to Seattle
Empire Builder
Grunge sponge
A suitcase
A big-time story that's false
But passes time good
As any drop-down TV would have been.
We arrive
Ill-stomached, good-spirited,
McDonald's coursing fatty
Through our veins
Offer a grimace and a
For your ever-loving shove.