Friday, January 29, 2010

Sedona, Arizona is WOW. Pictures and story within...

This is an amazing place. Katherine and I took a scenic detour on our way from Phoenix/Tempe to Flagstaff, by way of Sedona. We are now sitting in a great coffee shop in Sedona called Posse Grounds, as per the suggestion of sports writer and friend Brad Berreman, whose uncle John owns and operates Posse Grounds. Zane Aveton and Paula Kelley also urged Katherine and me to pass through Sedona if at all possible - an urging for which I am grateful.

Many say Sedona contains healing energy vortexes among the astonishing rock formations and plant life. Some say you can identify the locations of these energy vortexes by the telltale twisted trees and tree roots.

Come to Sedona, people. You need to be here. It's worth the time and energy. This is unique.

I snapped many photos, and due to the participatory nature of this adventure, I am posting pics of Posse Grounds for the benefit of those who participated via their computers and mobile phones. Real life happens.

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