Saturday, July 22, 2006

DJ Musclemouth

UPDATE: I have removed the playlist from this post and replaced the music player with one that lists all the songs in alphabetical order. Easier that way. Also, the playlist is randomized, so you don't have to hear the same first song everytime you access my blog. (Cuz if that were the case, it would be called "TV advertising".)

The music player I have posted is packed top to bottom with the best 9/11-related music I have found to date. I really recommend opening a second window to my home page so you can hear the entire playlist as you go about commenting and posting and tearing up the Web. The musical theme runs the gamut from industrial to folk to blues to hip hop to rock and pop and jazz. A preponderance of this music is available in MP3 form at The player I am using is URL-based and is available at; the MP3s are housed at

The order and content are sure to change from time to time as I find new music. If you have any requests or recommendations, please let me know. Happy listening. We all need a little musical support.