Friday, July 14, 2006

Nuts and Bolts

A grab bag of short clips for you today. They all tie in together, but not just based on content. The videos are color coordinated! It's all black backgrounds with red lettering! Kinda drives home the collective point.

1. What is fascism? One professor says it's made of 14 attributes (Mike Malloy narrates.)

2. Remember when it was 2,000 and not 2,700? What's in a number, anyway? This should explain it fairly well.

3. And as long as we're talking about perspective, how about a nice map.

4. You know full well I can't let this post go by without my latest 9/11 (Blasted) Reality propaganda find (only 10 minutes long!)

And as long as Democracy is about to fall like giant Dominoe Theories on the heads of the entire Middle East, here are some real dominoes (best ever):



So the moral of today's collage is: get some perspective, but do try to have a nice day.