Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pamela Waechter, Human, 1948-2006

This woman deserved to live.
Her name was Pamela Waechter. She was 58 when she was shot dead by a lone gunman who had forced his way into the Jewish Federation in Seattle on Friday. Five other women were wounded, including one who had saved her pregnancy by guarding her womb with her arm, which took the bullet.

It doesn't matter what the reasons for this hate crime were. He's a killer now. The genocide of Arabs being committed by Israel has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism. It is unjust war. Just as this hate crime was unjust.

Take a good look at Pamela. She was a sacred, sovereign human being. Ask yourself to ignore peripheral information, such as politics, and just look at her. The pain of losing yet another human being due to blind hate and confusion is enough. Just take a moment and mourn this one human being.