Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Share Admin Permissions on a Facebook Group You Control

To make someone an admin on a Facebook group, you have to add them as a friend, invite them to join the group, and then make them an admin.

Those are the simple instructions. If you know how to do that, stop reading and go play outside or something. If you get stuck, however, here are the

Detailed Instructions on How to Make Someone an Admin on a Facebook Group You Control:

1. Log into your account on FB.

2. Find and "friend" the person you want to make an Admin of the Group.

3. Check to make sure the person has confirmed your friendship.

4. Go to the Group.

5. Click "Invite People to Join" in the right-hand menu.

6. Find and check-mark your friend in the drop-down list at right (or just type her name and hit enter to search).

7. Make sure his name appeared at left.

8. Click "Send Invitations"

9. Check to make sure the person joined the group.

10. Go back to the Group.

11. Click "Edit Members" in the right-hand menu.

12. Find his name in the list (or just type her name and hit enter to search).

13. Click "Make Admin".

It seems like a long process but it's shorter than you think. I just included every little step from beginning to end. Drop a comment and let me know how it all went down for you.

Note: This post was cribbed from some instructions I wrote to a client this morning. I figured other people might want to know the same thing. Hey look at me, multiplying my efforts, effortlessly. That's how I roll. Smooth.