Monday, March 30, 2009

Il Mio Vino at Vinitaly April 2-6, 2009

My sponsor Il Mio Vino will be present at Vinitaly, one of the most influential wine events in Europe, April 2 - 6 in Verona.

Editors and experts from Il Mio Vino will be waiting for you at the Il Mio Castello S.P.A. booth, at the Centroservizi Castelvecchio - Stand Area 2.

Give them a call (+39.348.228.1652) or drop an email either to or, and they will set up an appointment with you at the booth.

Vinitaly has been going on since 1967. A few dozen wine makers were present at that first event. Since then it has grown steadily to become a complete wine blowout every year. (View history here.)

Just to give you an idea as to how big it is, here are some vital stats on this year's Vinitaly:

  • 89,630 sq.m. of net area
  • 4,215 exhibitors (148 international)
  • 157,177 visitors (43,524 international, up by 16% over the 2007 edition)
  • 2,054 journalists (347 international)

So if you're into wine and you're in Europe, chances are you're already at Vinitaly. Please do stop over to the Il Mio Vino booth. Tell them Will Conley sent you. If they don't know what you're talking about, act real surprised and say, "You don't know who Will Conley is?"