Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Greg Palast and Dan Rather Bring the Pain

What do Venezuela and North Korea have in common?

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

BUZZ! Answer please!

They're both telling Bush to bring it on. Venezuela has heavy oil and so will soon be the world's oil nexus; North Korea has nukes and the world's third largest military. You have got to see these two videos, each about 12 minutes in length, each bravely investigated.

The charismatic populist president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez endears himself to plucky investigative reporter for the BBC Greg Palast in this video:

How 'bout that, eh?

And if you haven't seen Dan Rather's unbelievable 60 Minutes exposee of North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom, then you ain't seen nothin' at all.

Oh man, the U.S. is going DOWN. You watch. You'll see. Mark my words. The American Dream is about to go POOF. We been writin' bad checks - both literally and metaphorically - and the repo man's a-comin'.