Sunday, June 11, 2006

Torch My Ride for the Troops!

Gotta love this. "Rotisserie arson" is on the rise due to rising blood-I-mean-gas prices. That's where you hire someone to torch your gas guzzler, tell the insurance company it was an accident, collect the cash, and go buy a hybrid. I think everybody should do it.

Meanwhile, the insurance companies get to use it as an excuse for increasing the premiums. How convenient. Everybody's raping everybody else.

War is hell. Think about the death and the mayhem in Iraq and elsewhere. Think about how the oil companies are doing great as a result. Think about the fraudulent price gouging.

Now think about all the flaming SUVs. Death and mayhem, flaming SUVs. Death and mayhem, flaming SUVs.

See the connection?

I'm just waiting for the TVs to burn. Then we'll know we're winning the war.