Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Nervous Chihuahuas

The girlfriend wasn't sure about accepting her boyfriend's marriage proposal. To convince her that it is important to take risks in life, he jumped naked out the first-floor window and ran across the street. Before he could return, he saw a couple walking up the street. He hid his naked ass in a shrubbery. The other guy, a real cowboy, a real patriot, a real one-man crime-fighting machine, drew his gun, and, well:

The rest is history.

How does this relate to 9/11? Psychologically, it relates. People are more nervous, more on-the-ready. The theatrical effect of 9/11 and its jingoistic aftermath increased the number of incidents in which people get shot for no reason, airports get evacuated on false threats, stereos get mistkaen for bombs, and so on. Ninety-nine percent of "terror threats" are bogus.

I'll be chronicling us nervous chihuahuas until the anti-terorrism fever wears off. Hell, at least it's an entertaining way to keep a finger on the pulse of the United States.