Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Paranoid Anti-Conspiracy Theorists

And they call me paranoid.

People, if you think it's paranoid to think 9/11 was an inside job, then I suggest you do some soul-searching. Paranoia involves fear. If you're seriously considering the mountain of evidence debunking the official lies about 9/11, then you're not paranoid -- you're brave.

The real paranoids are the ones who think a bag of food is a bomb. "Oh, but you can never be too careful." Spoken like a true paranoid. "Well didn't you see the Trade Center attacks? There is a real threat here." Yes, and it's primarily the domestic mafia. "That's crackpot stuff." Avoidance, denial, obfuscation, ad hominem polemics: the first lines of defense in the War on Truth. "You psycho." I would rest my case, but it's just too important to let rest.

That's your typical argument between those who think and those who do not. The argument will go on in circles until the end of time, because millions are too paranoid to be able to open a single website and check things out for themselves.

And just in case you still haven't seen any 9/11 videos worth seeing, here's the first one you should watch. I'll even include a study guide from 911 that shows where the movie is correct and where it is incorrect. The point of watching this is to crack your mind open for once. Don't worry; you won't catch cooties.

Loose Change, 2nd Edition (with extra footage)

Now go do your homework.