Friday, June 16, 2006

Rock the Vote for Lamont in Connecticut

The Connecticut primaries will take national center stage this August 8th when Democrat Ned Lamont will go up against fake Democrat Joe Lieberman. Lamont took 33% of the delegates in the Democratic State Convention (15% is the minimum in order to qualify for the primaries.) Lamont differs from Lieberman fundamentally. Whereas Lamont says he would join real Democrats like Wisconsin's Russ Feingold in standing up firmly against the president, Lieberman is the Bush Administration's most favoritist Democrat. Seriously folks, Bush and Cheney and Lieberman conduct nightly circle jerks. Bush might even make Lieberman Secretery of Defense when Rumsfeld gets axed (so that Bush can blame the Iraq catastrophe on the Democrats).

Here is a short but informative interview with Amy Goodman and Ned Lamont on Democracy Now:

The following link is a quick and easy way to register to vote. Piece of cake.

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