Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Letters to Josephine Goebbels

This is an email I sent to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Colleen P. Graffy in reference to her recent BBC appearance. Her email address turned out to be invalid, so I will simply post it here. Feel free to circulate it; maybe someone will compile all the letters Graffy is receiving of late. I would propose a title to this hypothetical volume: "Letters to Josephine Goebbels".

Letter #573:

Mrs. Graffy,

I am upset and ashamed as an American that you would refer to someone's suicide as a PR move. Your remarks demonstrate zero respect for human life. Now I don't know if you actually believe what you said. If you did, then you are evil and there's nothing I can do for you. If not, then you are a whore of state and I encourage you to wake up to this fact and re-evaluate your career path. "Diplomacy"? How does that figure into your job title? Your words and demeanor betrayed a pervasive heartlessness reminiscent of the cold and calculated monstrosity that was Nazi Germany. The world does not want that. Yes yes, there are many who choose to believe anything and everything a state official says, but that is because they want their daddy or their mommy back and they're grasping at surrogates. But those of us who have the strength and maturity to think for ourselves could see with clarity that your apparent attitude is one of heartlessness.

Please respond. Tell me you don't believe what you said. I need to know.

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